Acharya Virag is a traditional Brahmin (Vedic Priest), who comes from an unbroken lineage of Rishi Śāṇḍilya. At a young age he was trained by his Grandfather Pt. Shri Sukhapati Ram Tripathi and his father Pt. Shri Umashankar Tripathi, both well known Brahmin and Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer). After completing his initial studies, he continued to expand his knowledge of the Vedic sciences by studying and practicing under the guidance of Shri Kantanath Chandreker Guru-ji and other great masters in Varanasi, India.
Virag has been performing Yagyas (Rituals) consistently from the age of 14 onwards. His Yagyas (Rituals) are powerful and leave one in a state of palpable peace. He enjoys performing all types of Yagyas (Rituals), such as Graha Shanti (Pacifying of the Planets), Rudra Abhishek, Mritunjaya yagya, and Navaratri, which is 9 days of nonstop Rajo Upachar worshipping of the Mother Goddess. He has garnered large audiences for his pujas; thousands of people come to experience his Yagyas (Rituals). He currently splits his time between Varanasi, India, California, USA, and Vermont, USA.

Acharya Virag can be directly reached through the Vedic Karma Foundation which is his organization in the US and India which builds temples and other non-profit seva supporting the Vedic sciences.