MarzaMillar2013 Community Lectures

It is traditional for community leaders to give opening lectures during Hindu ritual ceremonies. This brings the real world present for the ceremony and brings the divine presence into the community.

October 5: Freedom Cole opens the nine nights by talking about the Veda Vyasa Center

October 6: Veeru Tripathi, the Pujari, talks about his training as a Vedic Priest

October 7: Michael Flynn of Common Vision

October 8: Marza Millar: Native tradition teacher, Clinical Herbalist and Medical Alchemist

October 9: Christopher Seal of the Trinity Church, Nevada City [No Video Available] img_1466

October 10: Skyler Meyers of women’s SAAVY

October 11: Shea Smith is the director and one of the founding members of Haalo (Health Alternatives for All Locals)

October 12: Marc Halpern of the California College of Ayurveda