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Those coming to praticipate are welcome to bring flowers, fruit, and sign up for some seva for the goddess.

Notes for Yajamans (those performing the ritual: sponsors)
Yajamans are to arrive by 4pm, are encouraged to fast for the entire day (milk and fruit if necessary),
and be aware of speaking only the truth, not speaking too much, and to bathe before arriving.
Yajamans must bring all of the following items for their puja:
1- gallon of whole organic milk
2- 1 pint of plain yogurt
3- 1 pint of ghee
4- 1 pint of honey (liquid consistency)
5- 2 cups of whole cane sugar (rapura)
6- 5 pieces of fruit (specific to the evening)
7- 2 bunches of flowers (see specific color)
8- 1 mature brown coconut
9- some coins for offering