The Vedic Planner is a monthly calendar that lists the phases (tithi) and constellations (nakshatra) of the Moon with an ephemeris of all planets for Pacific Standard Time (since 2012). It uses the sidereal solar months starting with the Sun entering Capricorn on January 14th. You can download the 2017 Vedic Planner for free.

This calendar is a mandala of Time that is reshaping our brain to the stellar reality. It is a calendar designed to align us to the solar and lunar motion and awaken us to the frequencies of the stars and planets moving all around us. The vibrations of it attune us to the Universe.

The monthly calendar starts with the Sun entering a solar sign. Therefore when you look at the calendar the mind is aware of a cohesive energetic time period. This is the way it was done in the ancient world. Each day lists the Moon phase, the star position of the Moon and any change of signs made by the planets.

Here is a small introduction to the Vedic Calendar and the planner format:

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Download the 2017 Vedic Planner. The Planner is formatted to be printed double sided and is most functional with spiral binding that allows it to lay flat. The front and back pages are best printed in color (though the whole document on a color option is even better).