Arjun Puja

Arjun Serneels has been studying and practicing Vedic and Tantric disciplines for more then 15 years. He attended a gurukul, the traditional schools of Vedic learning. Under the guidance of Ekkirala Anantakrishna, a prominent Brahmin of Andhra Pradesh, South India, he studied recitation, rituals, astrology and other Vedic sciences.

After his Vedic education he met various saints who initiated him in Tantric practices. Swami Purnananda of Shri Sailam initiated him in the right-handed school of Tantra where he practiced Ganapati and Shri Vidya sadhanas. Later on he received shaktipatha from Swami Naradananda in Ujjain in whose ashram he is functioning as one of the main priests specialized in fire rituals.

He studies Sanskrit with Pandit Vagisha Shastri in Varanasi and Trika Tantra philosophy with Dr. Mark Dzyckowsky. At present, he is being trained in the inner alchemical Tantric rituals by Kulavadhuta Satpurananda, an aghori master in Sikkim.

Arjun teaches beginner and advanced classes in Indian ritual. Students learn theory through practical application of rituals and meditation. Arjun believes in the power of experiential learning so his students embody the Vedic and Tantric teachings in body, mind and soul.


Guru Purnima Homa