12087588_1515713622083107_847865375_nNAVARATRI: Nine Nights Celebrating the Mother Goddess

What is Navaratri?
An extravagant Nine Night celebration of the Mother goddess Durga. She ensures success, abundance, and ability for the accomplishment of our dreams.  Please join us in our worship of the Mother of the Universe.

Who is being worshopped?
is the Universal Mother or the universe personified in a motherly form. She is the Supreme Power or Source, who empowers all other gods and goddesses. By worshiping Her, we remove our darkness (tamas), which is seen as the confusion that takes us in the wrong direction. Durga awakens our clarity so that we have proper direction in life.

There is only one divine principle which becomes male and female (god/goddess), and each then takes on varied forms to manifest the energies of existence. Navaratri is a ritual of the Supreme feminine divinity and working with the nine core archetypal energies as they manifest through the Divine Mother frequency. Nine Forms of the Divine Mother and Specific Blessings 

Puja, a ceremony of offerings, will be performed for nine consecutive nights concluding with a morning fire ritual on the 10th day. All offerings will then be taken down to the Yuba River. You are welcome to come to one, multiple, or all nights. Visit the Daily Schedule

Navaratri is a traditional harvest festival to celebrate the abundance that our Mother gives us. It is one of the most important festivals of the Vedic Dharma. It is a time of coming together with love and devotion to improve the Earth energy starting from our own community. We are removing the negative parts of our lives and healing ourselves in these nine days. 

What to wear: Her color is RED. Please wear red clothing if possible. Make yourself beautiful! Saris are the best but any clothing that covers your shoulders and falls below the knees is fine.

What to bring: flowers and fruits as offerings – red colored is best. Most importantly, bring yourself and your devotional heart.

Donations: any amount is gladly accepted and greatly appreciated and will be used to cover all expenses of the puja and to give Brahman Dakshina